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Roadrunners - Lynn Hassler Kaufman - Museum of Indian Arts and Culture - Stunning Art Work by New Mexico Artists

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Lynn Hassler Kaufman

As member of the ground-dwelling cuckoo family, the roadrunner’s twiggy legs are powerful and can reach speeds of up to fifteen miles per hour. Birding expert, Lynn Kaufman gives us a new title for our Look West Series. Roadrunners, is an introduction into the life of this independent and self-reliant creature. Some of the exciting facts you will find is that the roadrunner is a reluctant flier and will only fly in shorts bursts when it feels threatened. His usual diet consists of insects and scorpions. However; one of the roadrunner’s favorite treats is also one of the most venomous creatures in the desert, the rattlesnake. In Roadrunners, its easy to see why from central California to Kansas, the roadrunner is a staple of the Western environment

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